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Can your Man Open the Male Chastity Without a Key?

You have locked up your man and holding the key close to your heart. You think he cannot go anywhere but are you really sure?

We must keep a tab over men because they are artful creatures. However, why do we keep try filling the male chastity with men? Men cannot be trusted at all when they have to masturbate, prevent them from looking at other ladies or even penis.

Therefore, even if you are putting men in chastity, he can still somehow get some tricks to unlock the chastity if seduced by another woman. He can easily pick the lock and your every effort would go in vain of putting him under lock and key security.  

You will definitely not like that. However, coming out from the chastity is harder than the man thinks he can. He might do it in easy steps he is filled with preparation. You must lock him up and hide the key without thinking twice.

  • If you have brought a wrong size of chastity for him, he can easily get out of it. He can shrink his penis and run away and will not meet you back. Hence, you need to understand what size would fit him perfectly. You can take smaller size but do not end up taking bigger than his expected size.
  • If the chastity is tampered, they can break off. Moreover, there is numbering on the locks. Hence, if the man understands the number on the lock, he can easily open it with the perfect key.
  • You can get a plastic chastity to lock him up. However, if you get a steel one, he would have to go to a welder and change it. But do you really think he can go with all so much locked up and telling the welder that he is tied by a woman.
  • Most of the chastity devices have locks whose keys have ‘Do not copy’ written over it. Therefore, even if he has left the house and went to a Arlington Heights locksmith to get rekey of the original key, most of the locksmiths would refuse him to do it.