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Taking precautionary measures is essential when dealing with stock. Have regular stock checks to ensure nothing has left your area’s premises without your permission.

  • Have your stock placed away from windows and doors.
  • Place the stocks where it will be difficult to reach for them immediately.
  • Install CCTV cameras and mirrors to have a watchful eye on your stocks.
  • Keep valuable items in a glass casing so they may be directly looked upon.
  • Never keep your stock out on display, instead put them in stores and use display boxes only.
  • Have limit number of people having access to your stocks
  • Always double-check the delivery notes with the stock delivered.

Install Proper Security Devices!

Having intruder alarms is now a norm in most companies; however they aren’t used at their full potential and armed properly. Most of the times, they aren’t even regularly serviced. It’s advisable to seek help from a locksmith service and have a proper security system installed to protect against such breaches. Intruder alarms, alongside with these few devices may help your company cater to its security requirements:

  • High-security locks
  • Access control keypads
  • Chemical marker systems
  • Smoke-generating devices
  • Safes and much more!

Do not attempt to install these devices by yourself but seek professional help for their proper installation and maintenance. Also, make sure that the device in usage meets all the legal, health and safety guidelines.

Lastly, follow the safety procedures and requirements and be vigilant of surrounding people and environment. Report any suspicious activity and in case of a breach, don’t panic and ensure such breaches won’t happen in future by taking the necessary action.